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Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting Modeling GIgs/Work


If you google, Finding Modeling Work or Modeling Gigs, google will pull up ton's of how to's and sources, but the truthfully, to secure work in modeling,  you have to get out there and do lots of leg work, experience rejection and hear alot of "Sorry we're not interested", but it's a number game and you have to work the numbers.

Work the numbers and you will succeed...


Beware of: 

#1 online sites who say that you can get gigs by paying a monthly fee. some are legit some are not, this is research that you or your manager should do to find out the legitimacy of the site or source.

#2 classified ad sites there are people who are willing to pay you for your modeling services, few are legit some are not legit (Craigslist for example is a good source but be smart when searching)

Indicators of the POSTS you need to stay away from
A. Look at the post, if it does not have any information about the project, the person, an email adress or phone number WATCH OUT!!!! and skip this post, MOVE ON!!!


I will always stress the importance of builing a team, doesn't matter if you are new or a experienced model, it is probably the best advice I can give you on modeling, but in order to build a team you must have positions (like in a company)
For example you should have
#1 A Manager
#2 A Marketing person
#3 1-3 other models who you network with and share information with(support)

Make sure you write up agreements with everyone to give them something for their hard work, or if you have the funds pay them something weekly, it doesn't have to be big, it could be a gift certificate, gas card or dinner.

Always remember to take care of those who are loyal to you and who hang in there with you.


#1 Write down a list of targets you would like to contact (I have lists of thousands of companies and businesses who I call and email every month in search of projects)

#2 Do not be afraid of no (the more no's you get, brings you closer to a yes)


Remember to have daily, weekly and monthly and yearly goals set for everyone in your team
For instance one example of a goal: would to have your marketing person place your pictures or work in 2 new media places a month.

2nd Goal: have your manager contact 1 person a day to secure you work.

Remember to have fun with it, have fun, have fun
If you are not having fun, then this is just another job you have to work.

Dontae Brown (Project Manager)
Dontae Brown Projects


  1. valuable facts that would be useful to us and even later in thr future

  2. All this information is very useful, but I also agree that having fun is just as important.

  3. great info on what to look out for.
    setting your own standards will help too..

  4. these are valuable information upcomming models should consider.

  5. People please pay attention! This man is a genius!

    Harrison Jones

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