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Sunday, October 10, 2010


You may be wondering why in the world do i need a manager

To create more opportunities, to organize, help planning strategy and assist you with everything you need in order to be a success.

2 types of managers-----> Good Managers and Bad Managers

Good Manager- should be working his butt off to ensure that you get to where ever it is you need to succeed.

Things to look for in a good manager

#1 Returns calls and emails.
#2 Has a track records in management or other businesses or companies he or she was apart of.
#3 Listens to you.
#4 Kicks butt when it comes to getting you connections.
#5 Professional in appearance.
#6 Does his or her business with agreements (paperwork).
#7 References from others managed, and other business owners.
#8 A good manager looks out for your best interests.

Things to look for in a bad manager

It is basically the exact opposite of the good manager list

When picking a manager

When picking a manager, it is very important that you test drive your manager, and by that I mean work with him or her for 3 to 4 months just to get a feel for how the manager works, rarely should you sign any long-term agreement with any manager or anyone, if you do not know how they work and conduct themselves in business.

These simple steps are really all you need in the beginning of your modeling career, and they are so important.

And remember to ask questions and always go with how you feel (Gut Feeling) or the vibe you get when meeting with a manager

Dontae Brown (Project Manager)
Dontae Brown Projects

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