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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

About Dontae Brown Projects

Dontae Brown
What’s the Scoop On Him

About Dontae Brown
(Dontae Brown Projects)

Model Manager

Although Dontae Brown manages the careers of models, this is not something that’s a quick process. If he manages you, there is first a working relationship process, and then once he feels comfortable, that is when discussion of possible management will take place.

Mr. Brown is Managing Minnesota Male Model Ace Melody
He consults and works with various other models around the United States. Mr. Brown works tons of projects with independent models- as a project manager or casting director.

Talent Manager

Currently Mr. Brown has no interest in managing any Music Related Artists at this time.

Project Manager

As a project manager, Mr. Brown has plenty of resume/portfolio building idea’s and even more projects models can participate in that will catch the eye of those who are looking for you.
The projects created are like no other and Mr. Brown always strives for each and every project to be better and different than the last project.


A expert in marketing and advertising. Mr. Brown and his team of marketers will push serious models.

He works with the mysterious and very effective marketing and advertising genius “Charley the Mad Marketer Marley”.

Promotions Expert

Probably the greatest offer Dontae Brown offers is exposure of your career, which is what you and all serious models want for your modeling career.

It seems that in today’s time no one seems to know how to get the most exposure for their careers in modeling and music.

Working with Donate Brown, you will experience guaranteed promotion in at least 50 spots a year, and over 300 if it is you are managed by him.

Models that are managed by Mr. Brown will see their careers exploding out of Midwest and other places, and it helps that Mr. Brown is connected and has the support of some very great people in Hollywood for example investor and business man Michael L. Delsario.

Armed with his secret book of exposure spots and connections, this is what makes Mr. Brown and Dontae Brown Projects very valuable to models of all experience levels, also along with Great Marketer Charlie Marley, you the model (if you are serious) will go further than you would with a team than if you did it  by yourself.

For instance after January 3rd when you Google Ace Melody, you will see this model’s work everywhere in the state of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin to name a few.

Ace Melody is currently A rising Male Model located in Minnesota, he has many unreleased projects and has worked with numerous people (including models, photographers, videographers, artists etc.

Dontae Brown and team is proud to be the major reason behind Ace Melody and why Ace Melody’s modeling career is taking off at very fast pace.

Dontae Brown (Project Manager)
Dontae Brown Projects

Courtesy of Stephanie Larson

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