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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How To Make Money As A Webcam Model

How To Make Money As A Webcam Model

If you google or search web cam models, you will find tons of opportunities and money in this area.

My research as led me to believe that some of these sites or opportunities are scams.
It is in your best interest to check them out completely.

For example

#1 If the webcam company is located out of state be careful, you should try to find out the location of the company or person in charge, email them, call them or write them a letter, also if you can use a friend in that state or family member, to locate them and check them out.

#2 Contacting the BBB or better business Bureau Doesn’t hurt either, but they may not be a part of the BBB

#3 Ask the company for references- they may not give them out, but ask any ways

#4 Finally read the fine print on the agreement or terms of service
Web Cam opportunities say they will pay you for X amount of dollars for the number of views, clicks, sign ups or whatever, but the problem with that is they control and know all the tracking and know the number of hits you receive, so basically that means they can tell you whatever they want to, so if you had 10 thousand hits, they could tell you that you only had 1 thousand hits and pocket the money they owe you.

I’m not saying that Web Cam Opportunities is a bad idea and that you should not do it, all I am saying is read the fine print and research the hell out of them, then make your decision, don’t be lured by the money and/or big promises offered by them

Know your business affairs.


Dontae Brown (Project Manager)
Dontae Brown Projects


  1. Stay careful, you don't want to involve yourself in something that will later n destroy everything you've worked for..

    -cherry perfect
    -Dontae Brown Projects

  2. Yea...I'm not too familiar with the web cam and honestly dont wanna be! To all of those who are...I wish you well.

    Harrison Jones
    I Model Hard-Dontae Brown Projects

  3. Hi there,

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