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Thursday, December 9, 2010

If It Doesn’t Feel Right Don’t Do It

If It Doesn’t Feel Right Don’t Do It

When looking working with others

#1 Meet with them

#2 Ask questions

#3 Ask for a resume

#4 Pick their brains

#5 How long have they been doing this?

#6 Review their work

#7 Find out who their clients are

#8 What are their processes?

#9 How do they work?

#10 Ask for referrals (phone number and email address and contact the referrals and ask for their opinion on that person)

#11 When working projects what are the security measures taken or how many people are there and who are they.

If it feels good and you feel comfortable, then go with this feeling, but no matter who you work with always bring someone you trust to any project or meeting.

Your personal safety come first.

Dontae Brown (Project Manager)
Dontae Brown Projects


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  2. it's always great to bring some one else in situations that involves meeting some one you've never met before.
    -i always have my mother with me, it's good to bring someone who is looking for your better benefit.

    -cherry perfect
    -Dontae Brown Projects

  3. Often times I try to have someone with me but it didn't always work out for me. For now on, I will make sure that I have someone with me.


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