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Thursday, December 9, 2010

What Do Models Wear At Fashion Shows?

What Do Models Wear At Fashion Shows?


But to be more specific, a model can wear the clothes that they have in their closets or depending on the people involved in the fashion show and the decision makers, there may be times when the clothing designers, wardrobe persons or others in charge will want you to showcase clothes by a certain designer, and in these cases, usually everything is set up before the show, so that you know what you’ll be wearing or showcasing at the show (That’s if the show is organized)

Dontae Brown (Project Manager)
Dontae Brown Projects


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  2. but just in case it's always good to be prepared.

    -cherry perfect
    -Dontae Brown Projects

  3. I've done a couple fashion shows where they actually mixed the two. We had to bring our own clothes and we had to model what they wanted us to wear. Decent experience.

    Harrison Jones
    I Model Hard-Dontae Brown Projects


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