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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


His name is Dre Thomas, and he is the Creative Genius behind flytalkxl

In a state where there are not many supportive and friendly online sources, flytalkxl is changing that, he is truly out for the artist, and giving them a chance. Project and model manager Dontae Brown and Popular Model Ace Melody, had the pleasure to meet with Dre and work with him, and they both agree that he is the real deal.

Dre and flytalkxl are doing some great things for the talent here in Minnesota, and if you are a serious about your career, it would be a great added benefit to you if you were able to get an interview with flytalkxl.

look for more talent features from Dre Thomas and

He is a fantastic person to know.

Stephanie Larson
Dontae Brown Projects
Media/Public Relations
Model Hard

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