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Monday, January 10, 2011

Minnesota Modeling is Growing- January 9th Photoshoot was Fun

Hey Modeling World

Dontae Brown Projects is Proud

The Photo-shoot on January 9th 2011went really good, I am glad the models had fun, as a model and project manager I want all of you to have fun and live your dreams.

Photo's coming soon...
We here in Minnesota will share what we have done with the world 

Models and others Present At Shoot

Andrew Richardson- Photographer Andrew Richardson did a super job, we all love working with him he is a very great photographer and a really nice person.

Ace Melody- Rising Male Model here in Minnesota was present and did a fantastic Job

Chris Lokey - New male model did a great job.

Shavon Ingram- Female model looked stunning.

Evelyn Combs- Wait until you see that woman's dress in the photo's, ummm beautiful.

Model Chinnaphan- and her son were also present and did a wonderful job, Chinnaphan looked great, though she was nervous, she looked great, and her son Kymarion did wonderful, he was a busy body at the shoot, but Dontae Brown had such a good time keeping the young one occupied while his mother did her shoot.

Kymarion- Chinnaphan's son, is not only a busy body, but a model who is starting out at a young age of 2, look for this little gentleman to do big things in modeling and cars and trucks (inside Joke, only models and those present know) lol

Vanessa Sade The Princess- came at the last minute and looked so damn good, we want to thank her for her professionalism and commitment.

Tamara Seymore- Was wonderful, she helped with organizing and assisting while Dontae Brown was back and forth making sure everything ran smooth and models were comfortable. 

Dontae Brown- Was very pleased with the models and is looking forward to many more shoots with them in the future.

Let's build those portfolio's

Dontae Brown (Project Manager)
Dontae Brown Projects

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