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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Making Money Modeling

Making Money Modeling

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics the median wage for commercial and print models was only $11.22 per hour in 2006.

Print models may work for manufacturers, stores, etc. for little or no pay. Experienced print models can make about $200- $ 500 per hour. Some print models do not work with an agent. The ones that work with an agent must give 15 - 20 % of the model's earnings to the agent. Famous print models can make thousands of dollars.

Beginner female runway model make less money than a model that have experience. The average wage for a female runway model can range from $ 250 -$1,000 an hour per runway walk. The average salary of a runway model is $ 500,000. Well known runway models can make thousands and millions per year. Costs of travel, transportation, food, hotels, etc. are deducted from the model's pay. Fashion models can get discovered by editors, cosmetic companies, photographers, fashion industry professionals, etc. A contract girl for a cosmetic company can make about $ 300,000 to $ 2 million per year.

Male runway model makes less than female runway models. Beginner models can earn up to $ 150 per shoot. The famous male models make at least $500,000 per year. Designer clothing and fragrance ads pay the most money. A male runway model can earn up to $8,000-$15,000 per day for high end catalogues.

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