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Friday, January 7, 2011

Models Beware Of People You Cannot Find Information On

Models Beware Of People You Cannot Find Information On

I go on sites all the time to try to find good photographers, clothing designers and others to network with, and from experience, Im going to be straight with you a lot of people on these sites are bull SH&*, I would say about 70% if not more, I am going to give you an example of what to avoid if you are on these sites looking for people to work with.

Why is this a suspect ad or post
#1 No Name of the person who is offering the service.
#2 No clear contact information (phone number, email)
#3 No Serivce or business information links (no website, no blog, no facebook, myspace or no physical location)
#4 No business or personal reference information.
# No place to find examples pictures of their work, or information on their track record.
#5 No list of clients who they have worked with.
#6 No credentials shown at all.

From experience, when I have contacted people who place these type of ads or posts, I find that they give me the impression that they are scammers, they're usually not professional or carry themselves in a non-professional manner.
Hope this Helps you

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