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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

News- The Box Model Promotion System - Being Tested on Real Models In Minnesota - Claims to Build Model's Portfolios Fast

The Box Model Promotion System (Super system as they call it) is going to start testing in February on 3-5 models in Minnesota before releasing. Creators of the box claims that it will help models reach higer levels of exposure, while building their resume/portfolio's

C.Marley (Marketing/Promotions Expert)  and Dontae Brown (Model and Project Manager) are very confident that this system will greatly improve and help models build their resume/portfolio's and secure them major opportunities in modeling.

The box is not something that you can just order with instructions on how to achieve success in modeling, the box is a team of real live experts who assist you with your modeling career, but all the secrets to a fast career is kept secure by Brown and Marley, who say they will work with models directly, and keep the secrets to fast growth, promotions and development under wraps.

Brown claims that, The Box Model Promotion system has over 317 different career options/tools that will help models look more attractive to those looking to hire them, everyone from casting directors, film, TV, Print, fashion designer, photographers etc. while also giving them exposure, Brown also claims that most models only need 20 of the career options/tools that The Box provides, in order to do very well and reach their goals.

Brown, Marley and team will be testing The Box Model Promotion System on a select few Minnesota Models Only, and the system will not be available to models in other states for at least 6 months around August or September. Brown states  "We want to make sure we work-out any bugs if any, before we offer it to 1000 models (or 20 models is each state)".

Brown and Marley seems to only want the most serious 1000 models or  20 models in each of the 50 states to take advantage of this system, and wants The Box to stay exclusive and rare, although it may be alittle pricey when it finally comes out, Brown claims that models who use the box, will be able to build their resume super fast, at a lower cost, with the same or better quality, and it will be worth the investment.

Ace Melody the model who is currently being used in The Box Model Promotion System Testing, states that "Models will be able to see 1st hand how this system works.  just contact me directly via Facebook and ask or you can read my resume"

Brown states "We are listening to all the experts in the industry on what the true model needs are so that we can make The Box Model Promotion System the most powerful system models will ever use.
The Proof? All you have to do is look at models resumes/portfolio who use the system and contact them and ask them what the think, then you'll be able to to make the decision for yourself".

Is The Box Model Promotion System Something that will make a HUGE difference in modeling and really help models
I guess we will have to watch to find out.

Stephaine Larson
(Media and Public Relations)
Dontae Brown Projects

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