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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Model Cherry Perfect (Representing Minnesota)

This is a young lady with lots of potential, smart, pretty, motivated, out going and willing to do whatever it takes to do her part in modeling.

Miss Cherry Perfect has a wonderful, positive attitude. Dontae Brown of Dontae Brown Projects speaks very highly of her and also loves her mom's cooking.

Look for more photo's and activities from miss Cherry Perfect......

You Model Hard Miss Cherry Perfect

Stephanie Larson
Model Hard
Model Hard Modeling
Dontae Brown Projects

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bonti Baysah - Representing Minnesota Modeling - Fabulous

Miss Bonti Baysah is a new model looking to get her feet wet and show off her very curvy frame (which will attract alot of attention)

Looks Great Girl- You Go Bonti
Model Hard Miss Baysah 

Stephanie Larson
Model Hard

Miss Malyyi (Representing Minnesota Modeling) -

A smiley person who’s fun to be around.

Miss Maly has some BIG modeling goals, she’s looking to go as far as she can and as fast as she can.

Maly also understands that there is a limited window in modeling, so she is going to do her best to make the greatest impact that she can right now.
Representing Minnesota Modeling, Miss Maly has a great look, wonderful smile and beautiful eyes, 
She’s very motivated

Good Luck Maly

Model Hard

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Model Chinnaphan Fadness (Minnesota) Sexy Seductive Beautiful

Minnesota Model Chinnaphan Fadness

Sexy Seductive Beautiful

Model Hard Chnnaphan
Dontae Brown Projects

Sexiest Eyes- Vanessa Sade The Princess

You have to love those eyes

Vanessa Sade (The Princess)

She Models Hard
Dontae Brown Projects

Model Chris Lokey- You Know What It Is

Model Chris Lokey
Dontae Brown Projects

Model Hard Chris (Minnesota)

Dontae Brown Bio- Minnesota Modeling Ready For The Challenge

Dontae Brown
Model and Talent Manager (Minnesota)

Think BIG, plan BIG, and then execute with BIGGER Actions, Show Greatness by Massive Action .
-Dontae Brown

Dontae Brown. (Born September,20 1976) is an Model Manager, Promoter, Marketer, Project Manager and Photographer . He is the man behind the scenes, a strategist and career growth expert. Brown’s aggressive approach to business has made Dontae Brown Projects (Dontae Brown Projects is a model and talent management and project management business) grow at an astounding pace, with a drive and work ethic that is comparable to Donald Trump, Sean Combs and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Dontae Brown is going to be one to watch in the year 2011.

With 5 models currently managed, and over 80 models who he consults with, Brown is looking to make a huge impact in the fashion industry in Minnesota.

Brown faces multiple challenges with the fashion industry in Minnesota, one major challenge being there is not much of an industry in the state, he is looking to change this by giving the state a shock of new, creative and fun idea’s.

Dontae Brown intends to grow a massive modeling presence here in Minnesota, by helping models obtain opportunities while strengthening the relationships between, entertainment, businesses and models, he has been involved in many business ventures over the years, and says the best way to succeed is by 1st educating yourself, next study the greats and then to work, work, work and work hard at your chosen business or profession, and become greater than the great ones.

Greatest Accomplishment(s)

#1 This year Dontae Brown Projects we will be found in over 200 Google listings.
#2 We will have helped many models build their resumes, portfolios and make money, as well as have made money for our partners, investors sponsors and associates.

Brown Shares The Following Advice

Study The Greats And Become Greater

Study the greats and make a great effort to be better than them.

It’s all about your mind set.


Set your goals, define them, and know exactly what you want and where you will be in the next 5, 10 and 20 years, then put your all in making this happen, go after it like a mad man, but also be very organized in your approach.

Mastermind and Come Together With Those Focused On Being The Best

It’s a must that you surround yourself with positive, goal oriented individuals.
These are people who want to be the best and their actions and accomplishments display just that.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ace Melody Talks With MMA Fighter and Personal Trainer Jahmale Maxwell

Mr Ace Melody is looking to do more big things in modeling, here he is shown having a meeting with  Fitness Trainer and MMA Fighter Jahmale Maxwell, some of the topics covered in the meeting was projects in fitness, Mr Maxwell's plans for his MMA career as well as Maxwell's thoughts on Josh Koscheck and Georges st Pierre, in which Maxwell stated that he had great respect for both fighters.

ACE Melody  VS Jahmale Maxwell in the ring- I don't know about that one ACE stick to modeling.

Stephanie Larson
Model Hard

You Can't ,Tell Me I Can't - Vanessa Sade The Princess (Minnesota)

  Super serious and Super Sexy Vanessa Sade

Representing Minnesota Modeling (BDMC)
You can't, tell her she can't.....

        Vanessa Sade is a very serious model, she will not take no for an answer and she will do what ever it takes to make it (as long as it is legal) Vanessa and her team (BDMC) have big plans for the modeling scene here in Minnesota

The Theme for all BDMC Members "If they don't let us in, we're gonna do our own thing", meaning, NO MATTER WHAT... WE WILL SHINE AND BE SUCCESSFUL, And no one or nothing will hold us back.

Along with up and coming popular model ACE MELODY, as well as Mz. Cherry Perfect and Keeturah Byrd, they are looking to do some major things to help the Midwest modeling scene Grow.

It's our time, it is really going to happen.

Dontae Brown of Dontae Brown Projects who is a rising model and talent manger said in an interview "Now I have some of the best and most motivated models I have ever worked with, and Vanessa is such a wonderful addition to the team. I have a winning team now, I love how the models are now coming together and making a difference".

You GO Vanessa Sade- You are a great example of a model who Models Hard.

Stephanie Larson
Model Hard

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Lovely Keeturah Byrd- Minnesota Model

Model Keeturah Byrd is beautiful, sexy and has a very positive attitude.

Keeturah is very passionate about modeling, is a very hard worker, leads by example and she's looking to go as far as she can in modeling. Representing Minnesota Modeling and Billion Dollar Models Club or BDMC.
Keeturah is looking to be very involved and known in the Minnesota modeling scene, while also making a difference in her community.

Model Hard Keeturah
Stephanie Larson
Dontae Brown Projects

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ace Melody Feat. Mz Cherry Perfect- Photoshoot Sunday Feb 6th

                          This Picture was taken from camera phone (the actual Pictures are incredible)

Ace Melody's 10th photo-shoot Titled Google me
also present was the beautiful Mz Cherry Perfect
the pictures look fantastic thanks to photographer Jeff Torney
Keep up the good work Ace you are really rising.

Stephanie Larson
Donate Brown Projects
Model Hard

Thursday, February 3, 2011

ACE MELODY- 2nd Magazine Feature Kat Walk Magazine

Mr. Un-Stop-Able

Ace Melody will have a feature article in Katwalk Magazine, in March 2011.

Katwalk Magazine is a Georgia based magazine that brings you the hottest designers, the edgiest models, most exclusive retailers, most experienced photographers, the most luxurious lounges and the hottest vacation spots around the world.

Go Ace