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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dontae Brown Bio- Minnesota Modeling Ready For The Challenge

Dontae Brown
Model and Talent Manager (Minnesota)

Think BIG, plan BIG, and then execute with BIGGER Actions, Show Greatness by Massive Action .
-Dontae Brown

Dontae Brown. (Born September,20 1976) is an Model Manager, Promoter, Marketer, Project Manager and Photographer . He is the man behind the scenes, a strategist and career growth expert. Brown’s aggressive approach to business has made Dontae Brown Projects (Dontae Brown Projects is a model and talent management and project management business) grow at an astounding pace, with a drive and work ethic that is comparable to Donald Trump, Sean Combs and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Dontae Brown is going to be one to watch in the year 2011.

With 5 models currently managed, and over 80 models who he consults with, Brown is looking to make a huge impact in the fashion industry in Minnesota.

Brown faces multiple challenges with the fashion industry in Minnesota, one major challenge being there is not much of an industry in the state, he is looking to change this by giving the state a shock of new, creative and fun idea’s.

Dontae Brown intends to grow a massive modeling presence here in Minnesota, by helping models obtain opportunities while strengthening the relationships between, entertainment, businesses and models, he has been involved in many business ventures over the years, and says the best way to succeed is by 1st educating yourself, next study the greats and then to work, work, work and work hard at your chosen business or profession, and become greater than the great ones.

Greatest Accomplishment(s)

#1 This year Dontae Brown Projects we will be found in over 200 Google listings.
#2 We will have helped many models build their resumes, portfolios and make money, as well as have made money for our partners, investors sponsors and associates.

Brown Shares The Following Advice

Study The Greats And Become Greater

Study the greats and make a great effort to be better than them.

It’s all about your mind set.


Set your goals, define them, and know exactly what you want and where you will be in the next 5, 10 and 20 years, then put your all in making this happen, go after it like a mad man, but also be very organized in your approach.

Mastermind and Come Together With Those Focused On Being The Best

It’s a must that you surround yourself with positive, goal oriented individuals.
These are people who want to be the best and their actions and accomplishments display just that.

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