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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You Can't ,Tell Me I Can't - Vanessa Sade The Princess (Minnesota)

  Super serious and Super Sexy Vanessa Sade

Representing Minnesota Modeling (BDMC)
You can't, tell her she can't.....

        Vanessa Sade is a very serious model, she will not take no for an answer and she will do what ever it takes to make it (as long as it is legal) Vanessa and her team (BDMC) have big plans for the modeling scene here in Minnesota

The Theme for all BDMC Members "If they don't let us in, we're gonna do our own thing", meaning, NO MATTER WHAT... WE WILL SHINE AND BE SUCCESSFUL, And no one or nothing will hold us back.

Along with up and coming popular model ACE MELODY, as well as Mz. Cherry Perfect and Keeturah Byrd, they are looking to do some major things to help the Midwest modeling scene Grow.

It's our time, it is really going to happen.

Dontae Brown of Dontae Brown Projects who is a rising model and talent manger said in an interview "Now I have some of the best and most motivated models I have ever worked with, and Vanessa is such a wonderful addition to the team. I have a winning team now, I love how the models are now coming together and making a difference".

You GO Vanessa Sade- You are a great example of a model who Models Hard.

Stephanie Larson
Model Hard

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