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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hair Products Company To Use Models for Product Promotion

Cherry Perfect

She’s almost there

Everything is almost finalized…. Hair Products Company??? (To be announced) is looking to launch its new hair product here in the US. Although the product is new to the US, it has been around for years, it is the secret weapon used by the famous, and now may soon be available to the public.

Dontae Brown Projects and team is proud to be working with a company that really looks out for the consumer, especially women, a lot of women don’t realize that the hair products they’re using damages their hair, but because of hype and the fantastic smells put into these products, these companies have made women think and feel as if their product(s) are really good for them.
Finally, we’ll be able to educate everyone, while providing them with a good proven product.

We are still in negotiations with the company but should have everything ironed out hopefully by June, and give Miss Cherry Perfect and hundreds of other models the opportunity to promote the hair product(s) in major advertisements.

But until then enjoy the samples Cherry (and better hair health and growth)

Wish her luck, and give your love and support.

Stephanie Larson
Dontae Brown Projects


  1. Education is KEY! It is definitely time for people to educate themselves and learn about what is going into their bodies. Food is also another area where people tend to not know a lot about...

    Harrison Jones
    Dontae Brown Projects
    I Model Hard!

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