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Monday, March 21, 2011

How Can I Become A Model in New York?

You want to know the fastest way to become a model in New York…

             Move to New York , but be smart, try to have something lined up there so that your transition will be smooth, and when I say lined up I mean something in stone or in writing, don’t just take someone’s word that they are going to make you a big star or give you money for modeling, have it on paper and get the commitment or money upfront and know what your expenses will be for food, shelter, transportation and other model related expenses, also plan for emergencies.

            The other way to become a model in New York, is do a lot of work in your present state and get their attention, do lots of promotion, paid modeling gigs and non-paid modeling gigs, make a name for yourself, make them come running to you
Hopefully this Helps
Dontae Brown
Dontae Brown Projects
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