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Monday, March 21, 2011

Loyalty- It’s A Must That I Speak On This


             Do you really want to make it in modeling big time, remember this, be loyal and workable,
My business associates know that I am loyal to them, which means for instance if I have a graphic arts person that I am working with then he or she is my 1st choice each and every time I get a graphics art project, I only use a different graphic artist if and only when I have permission from my main graphic artist to do so.

Why do I do this?

Loyalty to the business and service people I work with is key to a long lasting positive relationship, from photographers, hair and make-up people to models.

Those who are loyal and supportive get the best opportunities.

You only give the best opportunities to those who show the most support and loyalty to you and your circle period.

I’m just being fair

Hopefully this helps

Dontae Brown
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